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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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a ball of fire lighting up the sky. with police say this is much more than an early morning car fire. helen purcell is giving democrats the office for the first time in 50 years. >> students are out as a pipe a few years old. we begin with brand-new information. in minnesota police officer has been charged with second-degree manslaughter. officer jeronimo yanez shot philando castile during a traffic stop. it was all streamed on facebook
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she was shot several times after time the officer he had a gun permit and was armed. the officer attorney said he was reacting to the presence of a gun and one reason he pulled castile over was because he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. said the governor's mansion one protest shuts down the interstate in st. paul for hours. custody. a dozen officers responded here in this neighborhood. 15th avenue and southern. after a standoff, the suspect finally came out and officials confirmed there was one victim. also overnight a motorcyclist is dead after this crush on greenway road west of i-17. it collided with a truck in the
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authorities do not believe impairment was a factor. is scary scene near the loop 101 as this >> reporter: -- as this truck was set on fire. it turns out it was stolen and then dumped into the desert. likely crews were able to knock this down quickly. let's talk about your most accurate forecast with changes headed our way. you'll probably notice the we will keep them through the day today with partly cloudy conditions. they are sticking around and it will be warm with occasional breezes as well ahead of the big changes bringing cooler air by tomorrow. as you get ready to head outside, you will notice some of the clouds. temperatures are gradually warming with 73 degrees now at phoenix sky harbor.
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with a high of 84 and so it will still be an above normal day. the cool down will start heading in and i will break down the changes. some asu students will have a good excuse their homework is not done. the dorms flooded on a tempe campus as a pipe burst on the fifth floor. about 160 students down. the university put some of them in a hotel overnight. the students that there is no way this kind of thing could happen. they still had to take up. >> it is frustrating because we still have homework and obligations. this is supposed to be our new home. when you walk in you can definitely hear it on your feet. and it smells bad. it is gross.
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burst. it is scary and is becoming expensive. more than 20 car windows shot out in glendale and in north phoenix. we have been in contact with police and right now no arrests . we will stay on top of this until they catch whoever is responsible. new information after a guy stormed into the lobby of a motel 6. that is when daterryn mcbride front desk clerk. >> i am shot in my chest and my arm. >> are you security? >> i'm at the front desk. >> were a security guard? >> he has been shot. >> this was in june. that clerk survived but two others didn't die. mcbride was shot by police. tens and thousands of
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counted in maricopa county. helen purcell conceding in the base for county recorder. abc15's nick ciletti telling us what we can expect next. >> there will be a new boss here. helen purcell conceding in the race for county reporter. adrian fontes will be the one who comes out on top. you may remember those long lines during the presidential primary. helen purcell and 13 fire for that. -- her team came under fire for that. those long lines for what motivated fontes to run for this office. >> it could not stomach the idea that voters were being made to stand in these lines. that is why i became a candidate for this office. >> reporter: fontes tells me he is thinking outside the box when it comes to early voting.
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county expended to reach a variety of people. we are talking about doing it in places like farmers orchids and sporting events to get a better reach. he also says all poll workers will need more training. nick ciletti, abc15 . the senate democrats have a new leadership lineup and new york's chuck schumer there minority leader. washington's patty murray will put the assistant leader. -- be the assistant leader. they will challenge donald trump when values or progress are under assault. chuck schumer said when you lose an election like this, you cannot flinch expect one thing we know is that we heard the american people loud and clear.
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wasn't working for them. they felt that the economy was rigged against them in many places. >> mitch mcconnell was reelected to the senate majority leader. president barack obama on his way to germany after completing his trip with air force one. the visit began in greece. he has emphasized the message that pushes back against of isolationism and calls for the benefits that technology and globalization to be more broadly shared. the presidential name really not meaning enough to people. why they want no one to know that they live in a trump property. chronic pain some of the complaints against a particular form of birth control and the
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esure device. are you planning to head out of town for the holidays? let us know by heading to
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it is something our abc15 investigators have reported extensively and no changes are coming to a form of birth control. the fda has approved labeling changes for come with a boxed warning and a patient decision checklist. the company that makes it says it is a way for women to better understand the benefits and the risks of those devices. with a focus on the future valley veterans attending a town hall meeting wanting quality care. president-elect trump says that a treatment for veterans is one
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the department of veterans affairs announcing a new way for veterans to schedule appointment i really out on app that will be available this january. no headphones and then no phone. the city taking matters into its own hands and forcing drivers to put down that phone or face the consequences. in the clouds are the first
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we may never know. we got our hands on another expert report showing they cannot link the guy. the county attorney said the report is not new but it is the first time the public has heard about it. we spoke with the forensic analyst who was analyzing the evidence and he says there is no way to know for sure if the former suspect's gun can connected to the shooting scenes. leslie merritt, jr. is the only suspect to be linked to the case. it was requested by the mayor -- maricopa county attorney's office. the game and fish department is looking for the poachers who killed three bull elk . a $2500 reward is being offered. this story is unbelievable.
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leading police on a wild chase leading at speeds up to 208 miles-per-hour. he got the attention of the officers when he was going 84 miles-per-hour. police tried to pull him over and he even turned off his headlights. he eventually stopped at a red light and was arrested. a federal grant helping expand the dui enforcement. it will also go toward safety laws as well as patrols to crack down on speeding. you might have to stay off the phone with the city of tucson making it illegal to use a mobile phone unless you have a hands-free device. police could pull you over if they see you doing it. they have got direct because so far state lawmakers are not willing. new year's eve brings a new
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it will be the playstation fiesta bowl. it serves as one of the playoffs semi finals this year with playstation the latest in a string of sponsors. of course the longest running sponsor was tostitos giving up the rights in 2014. one of the hottest new tv shows "designated survivor" shows a cabinet member picked to stay behind just in case president and successors are killed. now a real life designated survivor is sharing his servant -- experience. >> they drove me to the air force base. there was individuals from various apartments -- departments and agencies. their job is to advise me in the event that i assume the president the.
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watch "designated survivor" tonight at 9:00 on abc15 . things are changing for the better. >> i think some. a lot of folks are excited about these changes. the clouds are the first sign of the changes rolling in. they are spreading in across the valley, but what you are not seeing is rain. you can see abc15 desert skies and i am not getting any rainfall anywhere. they are continuing to push in high-level moisture ahead of a storm system sending a cold front across our state. that is what i think folks are looking forward to. a drop in those temperatures. that a storm system will bypass us at least the rain and the
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our state tonight and that cooler air coming behind the cold front. tomorrow those temperatures will be dropped. today we are going to be on the warm side and you will also feel those breezes. right now we are feeling the strongest wind across northern arizona. so far between 20 and 30 miles- per-hour and spots like flagstaff and show kingman. look at those gusts at flagstaff and as we go into tonight and the cold front comes closer to our state, the winds will get stronger. especially across the northern corridor and in northwest arizona. there is a wind advisory in effect with kingman, bullhead city and very strong winds
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in the area and some strong crosswinds too. keep that in mind if you are driving to las vegas later on this evening. we have gusts as high as 50 miles-per-hour in northwest arizona. the strongest wind as the cold front gets closer later this evening into early tonight. here in the valley it will likely swing across overnight into early we will get stronger breezes at times but not as strong to the northwest. at times they will be as high as 25 miles-per-hour. in flagstaff they will stick around 240 miles-per-hour at times. we will still feel the breezes tomorrow, but we will feel the cooler air by tomorrow. today we topped out at 84 degrees putting us 90 degrees above average for this time of the year.
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temperature drop from our high temperatures going from the 80s up to highs in the 70s. tomorrow for high is only 72 degrees. it is not just phoenix. flagstaff will top out at 59 today and tomorrow they high in flagstaff is only 45 degrees. wait until you see how much colder those morning temperatures will get as we enter the week. temperatures in a few minutes in the seven-day forecast. anybody who took offense to what i said, i deeply apologize. >> in this heated political climate, be careful what you post on social media. aco is out of a job -- a ceo is out of a job and doing with the secret service.
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we could all use some extra cash for the holidays and abc15 is giving away $500 tonight. just watch for the weather word of the day tonight only on abc15 news at 10:00 for your chance to win. christmas just around the corner and thanksgiving a few days away. 'tis the season of eating and we have some friends to help us stay in shape. it is the season of eating. >> it is.
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shape as well. >> so you have some easy ways to help us out. >> we do. we have some tips you can use at home or at work. >> we have four exercises. basically the key is the intensity. so you just keep it short and strong. there is a lot of evidence that shows short intervals is a great thing for the body. >> was one of the things we can do at home? >> we you can make it strong or fast. you can keep it going. >> mine is a little more gentle. >> patricia just had her hip replaced a week ago and look at her go. >> and i think we can do is squatting. you should be able to see your
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if you want it more intense, you can add a hop or a rotation. >> i will skip the hop. [ laughter ] >> only 30 seconds to do the exercise and moving on deck the next block -- the next one is a plank rotation. then you do a push-up. i can do mountain climbers. >> so this is really easy you are traveling for the holidays, this is a really easy thing to do in the hotel room as well. >> absolutely. the fourth one is crunching. so we go on our back and put your fingers behind the ears and just crunch nice and strong. skip your jobs -- scoop your abs
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>> we have a lot of holiday parties coming up. is there something somebody can do to maybe not overeat? >> water is a great way. you just need to remember take a couple sips of water every hour. it is a great way to stay healthy and keep yourself full too. >> so if somebody is interested in classes? >> village spots -- spas. we would love to see you. >> good job. i really have no excuse to go -- to not go to the gym today. a valley engineer and asu students teaming up to cut transportation costs. coming up next. and more of the trump
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the latest member giving us an insider view of the issues at the heart of it all. can one valley neighborhood
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it is safe to say that people do not want sex offenders in the neighborhoods. but can you ban them from living in a community?
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members to vote on a measure that would ban them from living there permanently or even temporarily. the proposed amendment would mean sex offenders would have to leave immediately even if they own property. a prisoner escaped his handcuffs right in the scottsdale hospital and that he stole a car in the middle of traffic. was or something that made the driver an easy target? >> reporter: not a lot of will go room on the handcuffs of rodolfo avalos. >> i am not getting out of this. >> reporter: he has done before. he has come to a hospital bed at the er. >> i was able to just get out pretty easily. >> reporter: it was loose. he has been running all morning
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>> i had already established that i was leaving. >> reporter: he slipped out and then gave the cops the slip running out of the er. nothing scientific about how he picked this woman in her car to get away. >> when i went to cole welle down the window, -- rolled on the window, it scared me. something out on the fly. >> reporter: he will not talk about stealing another car that finally got in college. what he will say is how bad you wanted to stay out of jail. in phoenix, abc15 news. donald trump staying hidden from the public eye working to
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two more members of the team for out. he is staying active on twitter and is staying organized. only he knows who the finalists are. cracks are beginning to show us mike rogers one of his top national security advisers abruptly resigning. he was reportedly pushed out as he told anderson cooper they have change of command issues. is in terminal. i do not believe any of that. they just have to fix this chain of command and who is making the decisions and make the decisions on behalf of the president elect. >> of the transition key staffers are gone including chris christie the white house
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he needs a team of journalists. he left his residence last night for a family dinner after his team told journalists he would not be in the public for the rest of the day. they have traditionally joined the president to record their whereabouts and be on hand in the event of any breaking news. donald trump's main is no longer on an apartment building with hundreds of tenants signing a petition were embarrassed to live in a place associated with the president elect. they will now be renamed. becoming president is always a dangerous job. the secret service does not take any threat lightly. a ceo in san diego finding that out first hand. matt harrigan posted on facebook his plan to assassinate trump including getting a sniper rifle.
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company reached out to the secret service. harrigan has resigned calling his post a flawed joke. he tells our sister station in san diego he went over the line. >> i think that was sort of the notion at the time was the first couple things got laughs. you are just sort of sitting there not really thinking about the things that you and am literally i have had quite a bit to drink. >> he has since issued an apology on twitter. he is the speaker of the arizona house and a donald trump supporter. if he had his way, trump might not have been elected president. he wants the popular vote to decide and not the electoral college. hillary clinton won the popular vote and he thinks it would
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even if they are in the minority. he has allies in congress retiring barbara boxer introducing a bill to get rid of the electoral college. it would be extremely difficult to pass because it is a proposed constitutional amendment. two trains loaded with whole collided in order to really and sending -- d the company says a fuel spill has been reported and media outlets say 18 has been called in. smoke it or eat it. customers can indulge in pot at certain bars and restaurants. it was passed a week after the election. businesses can apply for a
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neighborhood approval. supporters say this will help keep people safe. >> we have millions of people visiting the state of colorado. many of them are trying cannabis with nowhere to go. i think it is important to have somewhere to go because we want to promote responsible use. >> patrons must bring their own marijuana and denver is the first city to pass an initiative like this. down a fresh christmas tree this year, today is the day. permits are on sale in the tonto national forest. it is on a first-come first- served basis. each permit costs $15. for the tonto national forest you can buy the permits in phoenix or mesa. the cost to repair a basement can reach into the
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developing sustainable solutions to preserve the pavement. right now they are testing method on the tempe campus. we put together a program that we think will be more relevant to applications in the valley. >> the test will determine which materials are the most durable over long periods of time to extract they are bound to be on everyone's holiday wish list should get one. the dangers you should know before you buy a virtual reality headset. which days will have the best sales? you really need that extended
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can you believe it? thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow.
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discounts. it is a popular story on . at walmart you can get a 24 inch samsung for $98. at target a 32 inch polaroid tv is just $85 with more deals to check out on it is time to make your holiday shopping plan. experts say the best days for discounts are during thanksgiving week. experts say the tuesday before thanksgiving is the best day for clothing discounts and electronics are the cheapest on thanksgiving. parents looking for generic toys should buy them on cyber monday. get ready. here we go again with laptops and phones should be top holiday
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typical extended warranties do not cover malicious software and system corruptions, which is what usually goes wrong. >> people usually do not have a massive extension of hardware. trump on amazon this laptop comes with a service warranty that covers drops in spills expect it is saying no matter what happens to the software, that is covered. >> reporter: warranties are a tablets but problems like user abuse may not be covered. there are exceptions that could be worth the money. >> specifically when you drop your phone, it is covered. so pass on those warranties that only cover hardware issues and look for user abuse and read everything very carefully. to . i am
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have a great day. if you have a problem, let me know. looking for work? 3000 jobs are up for grabs in the events giving you an interview on the spot and the great benefits they are offering to help you further your education. one airline is looking to actually lower the cost but it does come at a price. what were you need to give up in order to cash in on that deal. we have clouds in the
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[ bell on wall street ] we are watching your money on wall street. let's look at the dow jones. it is down 66 points as we speak. a health alert for one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. you may have seen these virtual reality headsets. we have a warning that kids under the age of 13 should not if you are not a teenager, don't do it. the research is out on the impact of the brain. the best advice is to limit your use to 30 minutes or less at a time. aaa is forecasting nearly 49,000,000 americans to travel over thanksgiving. this is the most since 2007. aaa also expects at least 1 million americans to travel at
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united airlines is looking to attract more budget conscious buyers. the airline will now offer lower basic economy fair with a few caveats. you cannot pick your seat until the day of the flight and your only -- you are limited to one carry-on and it must fit under your seat. you will be the last one to get on the plane. they wilgo for flights beginning in march. twitter is expanding ways to curb the abuse users see and making it easier to report negative conduct. they are expanding to meet function -- mute function. users will also find it easier to report hateful conduct. twitter has retrained its
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the peach is back on your emojis. earlier the apple changed its look to make it look more like a piece of fruit when the other looked like a rear end. i have now reversed course changing it back to the original. it is a peach. workers are wanted at mcdonald's looking to feel -- fill you can actually walk in to any mcdonald's from now until 5:00 to interview on the spot. employees say the job comes with great benefits like flexible hours and tuition assistance. >> already this year have been able to impact over 100 employees here in phoenix giving $125,000 in tuition assistance to help them with education.
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time, and holiday positions available. the chandler police department is having a fall recruitment drive. they are accepting applications . to apply for find out about testing dates, head to the website. the searches -- cirque du soleil touches down today. these are the kids that got a sneak peek. the phoenix children's hospital were treated t the characters you can see runs until sunday and tickets are available online. >> i bet that was fun. >> speaking of cool, i stepped outside to do that workout segment and it is nice. it is really nice. we are at 73 now and tomorrow it will be an even better day. let's talk about your most
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those clouds moving in and the warm-up has been gradual. those clouds stick around through the day but you will not see any rainfall when you step outside. at times it will be mostly cloudy and check out those temperatures with low 70s in chandler. we have warmed up to 77 in ahwatukee and glendale. it is feeling good right now. we will continue to warm and as you look at accurate forecast the high temperature will still be about nine the high temperature will still be about 9 degrees above the average for this time of the year. right now 73 in phoenix climbing up to 82 by 2:00 in the high 84 degrees. temperatures will start to drop by 6:00 down to 80 and we will keep the clouds in the forecast through tonight. we will start off with a few high clouds early tomorrow
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tomorrow it is cooler air settling in. as the cold front swings in overnight tonight, we will start to bring in the cooler air tomorrow keeping the temperatures in the 70s. we will only top out at 72 degrees. that means we will spend much of the day in the 60s before we hit a high of 72 by tomorrow mid afternoon putting our temperature just below average. by friday from average with a high of 72 degrees. it will get a little warmer into the weekend but only into the warm 80s. now as the cold front swings in, it will not bring any rain. i do not expect to see any rain tonight. the cold front will move in
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there is a 10% chance as far as rainfall in the high country early tomorrow morning. otherwise, plan on dry conditions as we head into the weekend. we will see another storm system approaching our state and it does to look to pull in much more moisture. rain chances will go up late sunday into the day on monday carrying over into tuesday before we start to try out ai -- dry out again. we will not see any today and temperatures warming in the low to mid 80s across much of the valley. your average is still 75 with partly cloudy skies. phoenix is 84 and upper 50s in flagstaff. strong winds print into this evening across northwest arizona where a wind advisory is in
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notice at temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s from the grand canyon. temperatures in the valley will drop into the 50s across the phoenix area. it will be a cooler start to the day tomorrow as we only warm up to 72 degrees tomorrow afternoon. check out those temperatures friday morning. we will see those levels fall into the 40s by friday morning. i would say weather in the valley with middle 70s and gradually warming through the weekend. >> newlyweds saying i do to the mannequin challenge. you can see everyone having a great time at this wedding reception in florida and then suddenly, everyone freezes. the wedding photographer navigate his way through the crowd.
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for this video. you can see all of the top videos right here on abc15. years from now they will say remember the mannequin challenge? and others will say nope. we have news coming up after the break.
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now the results to our policy day. we wanted to know if you were heading out of town. >> as we approach noon let's recap the top stories. the ball of fire is a work of a crook. if they believe this truck which was stolen was set on fire overnight. nobody was hurt.
11:56 am
-- one dozen officers spotted after a standoff. officials confirmed there is one victim but the assault did not happen. in minnesota attorney said the police officer who shot and killed philando castile in july had no good reason to use deadly force. he is facing second-degree manslaughter charges. if you that han solo and princess leia had on screen was commencing what about the relationship offset? >> carrie fisher said she had an intense affair. she was 19 and he was 33 and married at the time. she tells people magazine it was han and leia during the week and
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weekend. harrison ford has been silent during the claim. today 84 degrees with some breezes and tonight a cold front moves in bringing colder air with a high of 72 tomorrow. down into the 40s friday morning and even saturday morning it
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? >> announcer: today, it's like spring break for your thanksgiving table in an hour of stuffing gone wild. clinton's serving up a crispy creation with the incredible andrew rannells. michael and daphne are teaming up to make a duo of stuffing sensations. plus, anything can mario rolls the dice. get ready to get stuffed, right now, on "the chew". [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew". thank you very much. thank you. woo! i know what you guys are excited


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